HVB Cash Manager

Man working on computerWith HVB Cash Manager Business Online Banking and Bill Payment services, you can manage your funds quickly and conveniently, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can check all of your account balances at a glance, pay bills, manage payees, review balance sheets, transfer money between accounts and initiate wires and ACH transfers. HVB Cash Manager is the smart, convenient and secure way to manage money.


  • Select the services that meet the unique needs of your business or organization.
  • Provides ability to define user access and security levels.
  • Download account information to Excel®, QuickBooks® or Quicken®
  • Transfer funds, initiate wires, send ACH transactions and make bill payments in one convenient location.

Enhanced Security

Securing your bank account and personal information is a top priority for us at Hudson Valley Bank. As online threats change and become more sophisticated, so must our protection against them. To protect our business customers against these threats, we are proud to offer advanced methods for authenticating online banking access available today. In addition to leveraging a multifactor authentication login process, our wire, ACH and tax payment customers are provided an additional layer of protection through the use of a security token.

Hudson Valley Bank Security Token

Each time an ACH, Wire Transfer or Tax Payment is approved through HVB Cash Manager business online banking, our users are asked to enter a 6-digit token code, randomly generated every 60 seconds from a small device known as a Security Token (pictured above). The use of a constantly changing token code helps to protect against common fraudulent activity such as the use of key logging and spy-ware programs that capture user names and passwords with the intent to later compromise banking accounts.

Register Today!

In order to make this service upgrade as easy as possible for you, we ask that you please follow these 3 easy steps:

1. Please Click Here and print out a Security Token Request Form and Addendum

2. Please complete the Security Token Request Form which must be signed by an authorized signer on the company's bank account(s)

3. Please drop-off, mail, or fax the completed Security Token Request Form to your local branch or relationship manager as soon as possible.

Once we receive these documents, we will process your order and mail you your new Security Token(s) and User Guide(s).

Get to Know HVB Cash Manager

To assist you in familiarizing yourself with our business online banking system, a user guide and an online demonstration are available to you.

To test drive the system, Click Here for our online demonstration.

To download a copy of our user guide, please Click Here.

If you would like to enroll your account(s) onto the HVB Cash Manager business online banking system, please Click Here for an enrollment form and instructions on enrolling.

Designed to work with your existing software

Our HVB Cash Manager system was created to integrate with your existing Quickbooks or Quicken software. Please click on the accounting software you currently use for important instructions on linking your software to our system.

Quickbooks 2006-2009 for PC

Quicken 2006 for PC

Quicken 2007-2009 for PC

QuickBooks 2006-2007 & 2009 for Mac

For more information on HVB Cash Manager Business Online Banking, please contact the branch nearest you or click here to contact us today.