International Travel

Getting ready for foreign travel? Before you take that next international business trip, family vacation or caribbean cruise for two, let us help you with some basic banking tips and precautions.

Contact Hudson Valley Bank before you go

To protect against theft and unauthorized use of your Hudson Valley credit and/or debit cards, we monitor your card activity 24 hours a day. For your protection, if we notice suspicious activity, we temporarily suspend your card and try to contact you. If you let us know when and where you will be traveling in advance, we will recognize and be able to authorize any transactions on your card while you are abroad.

What you should do before your trip...

Call our Customer Service Center at (914) 768-6900 and let us know where you will be traveling and the dates that you will be away.

Provide us with your cell phone number or out of town contact information so a representative can promptly reach you if we suspect a potential problem.

If you will have e-mail access during your trip, add your e-mail address to your contact information at the bank.

If you receive a message from a Hudson Valley Bank representative, please respond to our phone call as promptly as possible. If we do not hear from you, for your protection, we will place a temporary hold on your card for future transactions. If you find that your card has been temporarily suspended, simply call us to remove the hold.

More Tips

Check the expiration date of your card(s) before leaving on your trip to make sure it is valid for your travel dates.

Take Hudson Valley Bank's Customer Service Number with you in the event one of your cards is lost or stolen. Call immediately to request your card be disabled so no further transactions will be authorized.

Photocopy the front and back of your cards. Take copies with you and keep them in a separate and secure location. If they are lost or stolen, you can use the copies to quickly and easily cancel your cards.

Sign up for Hudson Valley's Online Banking for safe, easy 24-hour access to your accounts—anytime, anywhere—at your convenience. You will always know the exact dollar amount available to you in your accounts by keeping track of your debit card purchases and transactions online. You can even pay your bills with FREE online Bill Payment while traveling.

For Additional Information

For additional information on banking while traveling internationally or any of Hudson Valley’s products or services, please contact your local branch, Relationship Manager or call a Customer Service representative at (914) 768-6900.