Lockbox Services


With Sterling National Bank’s Lockbox Services, your business can save time and money by improving cash flow, reducing errors, simplifying reporting and streamlining record keeping. Our cash management consultants will work with your existing system and staff to provide your business a completely customized payment processing solution.


  • Fully customizable to fit your specific needs
  • Ability to capture data from scannable documents
    • Consultation on creating new documents or the ability to read your existing scannable documents using advanced MICR and OCR technology
    • Ability to process invoices or other non-scannable documents
  • Electronic transmission of transaction information that can be uploaded into your accounts receivable system
  • Flexible transaction reporting designed for the way you use information
  • Accelerated online exception processing
  • Improved cash flow with multiple pickups from the post office each day
  • Enhanced research capability with the convenience of viewing images of checks, documents and transaction reports from your desk
  • Reduced in-house clerical expenses and manual errors with automated capture of payment documents
    • Fast access
    • Space saving record retention by eliminating paper copies and reports
    • Improved disaster recovery

Lockbox Services lets you:

  • Automate payment postings
  • Eliminate bank deposit preparation
  • Avoid making daily trips to the post office and the bank
  • Reduce potential for theft, fraud, and error

We’ll be happy to discuss your current processing and the enhancements and savings you can realize with Sterling National Bank’s Lockbox Services.

For more information about  Lockbox Services, contact the Financial Center nearest you or call our Cash Management Customer Service area at (914) 771-3223.

If you prefer, you may also contact us online through our contact form.